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The Plutoverse!

Overlaid on top of, and hidden within the real world, 🌎 the Plutoverse is Polo Lewis'™ unique version of Toronto. Find a portal in one of Polo's favourite spots and you might find yourself transported to an animated land of music 🎶 and digital art.


This is an opportunity to experience Toronto through a whole new lens! 


Here at Pluto Labs® our mission is to provide our users with both Online and Offline applications. This means creating experiences in the real world overlaid with parts or experiences from the Polo Lewis™ virtual world. 


This digital overlay on the real world is what we are playfully referring to as the Plutoverse. Your actions/interactions in the Plutoverse as a digital world can also have an effect on your real world status as a Polo Lewis™ early adopter!   


This could mean anything from a Scavenger Hunt for landmarks and iconic Toronto spots, with prizes to the first lucky hunters! To a digital collectable with future utilities, (like a kind of wristband to an ongoing music festival.) Our aim is to provide as many applications for our users with this exciting new technology as possible. Click the button below to learn how to start exploring.

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